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Welfare Cabins

Completely self-contained with no external electricity or water supply required, these units are excellent for sites with restricted access as they are easy to tow and no specialist transport is required.

Sporting an anti-vandal design, they are perfect for non-secure sites. Even the smallest cabins can accommodate up to 6 people, with a kitchen that comes complete with microwave, 25 litre drinking water container, large sink, kettle, hot water unit with soap dispensers, fixed table and benches complete with storage, all powered by their very own super silent, user friendly generator. These 12, 16 or 24ft cabins are the TARDIS of the mobile unit world. The WC is separate at the rear of the unit, with forearm and wrist washing facilities as well as a compact drying room adjacent to the WC. Larger 24 foot units add a separate office with desk, 800 litres of storage and accommodation for up to 15 people.