RS Number: (Built To Order)

Size: 32' x 30'
Price: £ POA

3 Bay Modular

Each Bay is 32' x 10'

The Unit is made up of several sections you have 1no large open plan office space , then 3no small separate office on the rigth hand side

Then at the top side of the unit you have 2no toilets and a kitchen area

Enhancements Could Include

Freshly Resprayed Exterior to Any Colour of Your Choice

Any Alterations Requested to Interior

Typical Uses

Construction Projects/Sites

Sports Events /Schools

Industrial Sites

Can be purchased as is immediately. For any refurbishments, please do get in touch.

Looking for a different unit? We supply new build, bespoke, portable buildings, refurbished or buy as seen units.

Deals available for purchase of multiple units. Can be fully refurbished at additional cost.

For more information please call 01594 528224 or email